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The local and national spotlight is on Westminster Public Schools.


Education Week Leaders to Learn From
Steve Sandoval: A Colorado Leader Taps Teacher Specialists to Serve All Students by Sarah D. Sparks.


Specifics vary widely as ‘competency-based’ learning gains steam by Anika Anand.
A School’s Journey to Promote Student Achievement and Ownership of Learning by Roger Vadeen.


Denver Post
Jeremy P. Meyer reports on Westminster Public Schools’ CBS system and it’s signs of success after 3rd grade reading TCAP results were released. Read more.

Westminster Window
Ashley Reimers reports on Westminster Public Schools being the first district to meet with State Board to discuss the district’s status. Click here.

Chalkbeat Colorado
Nicholas Garcia reports on Westminster Public Schools’ commitment to competency. Click here.


Next Generation Learning ‘Seeing is Believing’ Tour
Westminster Public Schools was featured by The Colorado Education Initiative and Rose Community Foundation in the ‘Seeing is Believing Tour’ highlighting schools across Colorado that are redesigning teaching and learning to better prepare the next generation of learners.

Westminster Window
A Staff Report on Westminster Public Schools’ strides in TCAP score improvement. Click here.

Ed News Colorado
Lark Turner visited our district to get a comprehensive look at how far WPS and our CBS reform has come. Click here.


Denver Post
Yesenia Robles reports on Westminster Public Schools and the positive results of three years using the Competency Based System. Click here.

Westminster Window
Westminster Public Schools celebrates new accreditation. Click here.

EdNews Colorado
No more “turnaround” labels for Westminster Public Schools. Click here.


CNN Reporter Deb Feyerick visited the school district in the spring of 2011 to profile what she termed the district’s, “revolutionary” approach to education. Click here.

Westminster Window
Commissioner of Education Dwight Jones wrote an editorial praising SBS.  It was titled, “[Westminster Public Schools]: Driving Education Reform.”   Jones 2011 Editorial

District administrators were invited to the Colorado State Capitol to give a presentation to the Educational Support Task Force made up of elected officials and state education leaders. Click here.

Westminster Window
Widely read and respected columnist Bill Christopher wrote a column about CBS and the recent results of the Colorado Student Assessment Program.  His observation: “[Westminster Public Schools] has turned the corner.” Turning The Corner With CSAP 2011


American School Board Journal
The influential education magazine profiled Westminster Public Schools for its readers.  The headline, “A Colorado school district radically overhauls how students are placed in classes. Will [Westminster Public Schools] make the grade?”  American School Board Journal

Infinite Campus Magazine
The nationwide publication for schools that use Infinite Campus software examined the district’s move to SBS, concluding, “[Westminster Public Schools] has made some dramatic changes to improve academic achievement.” Infinite Campus

Kansas City Star 
The Kansas City School District has modeled its reform efforts on the innovations undertaken by Westminster Public Schools.  Kansas City employees spent time in our schools as did a reporter for the Kansas City StarClick here.

KUSA-TV Denver-9 News
National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel visited Westminster Public Schools to see the changes underway for himself.  Local station KUSA reported on his visit. Click here.

KMGH-TV Denver – 7 News
National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel visited Westminster Public Schools to see the changes underway for himself.  Local station KMGH reported on his visit. Click here.


Westminster Window
Colorado Department of Education Commissioner Dwight Jones wrote the first of two letters to the Westminster community asking residents to support the dramatic move to a Competency Based System. He wrote,” For Education Reform to Occur, We Must Actually Re-Form Education”  For Education Reform to Occur

The Christian Science Monitor
The newspaper visited Westminster Public Schools to write one of the first national profiles on the district’s reforms:  “Colorado school district does away with grade levels”   Christian Science Monitor Feb10

Associated Press/
The associated press wrote a profile of the innovation underway in WPS.  Fox News picked up the story with the headline: “ School District Does Away With Grade Levels; Students Craft Lesson Plans.” Click here.

Boulder Daily Camera
Former Boulder mayor and guest columnist for the daily newspaper wrote a piece about education reform in the community of Boulder.  He suggested that the community should investigate what Westminster Public Schools is undertaking.   Boulder Daily Camera Feb 22 2009


Denver Post
The article, written not long after the district committed to SBS, highlighted the move to as “revolutionary” Competency Based education. Click here.

Denver Post Editorial
The editorial noting Westminster Public Schools’ reform wrote, “It’s time for innovation… just tinkering around the edges of reform, as we’ve done over the past decade, isn’t working. Some educators and a few politicians get it.” “Education Needs a Better Remedy” Post 2008 Editorial