Leadership is a key component to our CBS philosophy. Effective leadership must be demonstrated at all levels of the system, for it to truly be effective.

Student Leadership
Successful students take an active role in their learning and understand they chart their own destiny.  That understanding  provides a sense of empowerment and pride that is often lost in the traditional system.   Students often display leadership and proficiency by assisting other classmates in mastering learning targets.

The following PowerPoint presentation provides an example of  the vision, goals and work that student leaders are undertaking at Westminster High School.

Teacher Leadership
Teachers have taken the lead in “owning” the process and helping to develop the system.  An overwhelming majority of teachers voted to implement CBS and staff have spent countless hours in professional development.  “Beacon” teachers have served as mentors to other teachers in the district.

Administrators and School Board
The Board of Education has played an active role in formulating an authentic Competency Based System; in fact it was a school board member who first suggested Westminster Public Schools look into the possibility of such dramatic reform. The board has twice voted to endorse the CBS model.  Administrators threw out the comfortable, “tried and true” method to deliver a system that met the needs of all students.

Implementing such dramatic change required a willingness from parents, business leaders, politicians and taxpayers to take a hard look at the realities of the public education system.  They understood the, “moral imperative” to educate all of our children.